About Company

A national professional company concerned with providing consultancy and services in the accounting, financial, and legal fields and Advocates. It also restructures and provides a range of services related to advanced business solutions, internal auditing services, and external auditing based on international auditing standards and the rules of professional conduct and ethics adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also specializes in auditing accounts for government and private entities, preparing accounting reports for judicial authorities, bankruptcy procedures, Zakat and tax services, economic feasibility studies, and other related works.

What distinguishes JBR Company is the qualitative value of the competencies and human cadres working in it, as they have various qualifications and distinguished experiences that raised the level and quality of the business and services provided by the Company.

JBR Company has also contributed to providing consultancy and services to many entities in the government and private sectors and major companies in various fields, in addition to enjoying close and distinguished cooperation relations with professional companies complementing the services they provide, through (follow-up, analysis, assessment, application, and updating) as follows:

  • Follow up the implementation of the works with great care and attention.
  • Analyze challenges and propose ideas and solutions to overcome them.
  • Assess risks and work to reduce their effects.
  • Apply project management methodology, according to best practices.
  • Update business models and procedures according to developments in the nature of business.


JBR Company’s business has also flourished and grown significantly until it has become among the distinguished and leading companies in the field of professional consultancy, in which it is keen to provide its services to all its clients with high efficiency and quality.