Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the JBR Professional Consulting Company website:

These terms and conditions govern your visit to our website, and all services provided to you through it.

We hope that all our customers read these terms and conditions carefully, agree to all the terms mentioned in them, and commit to not violating any of their terms, because violating the terms or conditions of the site or any of them may lead to blocking, stopping, or suspending the violating user’s account from using our site.

Acceptance of the current terms and conditions constitutes an agreement to add or modify any of them in the future.
The terms and conditions of JBR Professional Consulting Company’s website include:

  1. The client must be at least 18 years old to be able to deal with us and benefit from our various services.
  2. The client acknowledges that there is no legal or legal prohibition against him from dealing with us and benefiting from our services. and in case of violation of this, full responsibility falls to the client, and the client disclaims the responsibility of our company from any responsibility towards this.
  3. The customer acknowledges and commits to the accuracy of the data and documents that he provides to us through our website to request a service or consultation and to benefit from our various services.
  4. The customer is committed not to offend any party through our web, and the customer is also committed not to offend any party associated with our website or the administration of our website, whether such abuse takes place inside or outside our web.
  5. The customer must comply with all laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia when using our website.
  6. The client is committed to using our website in a manner that complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The client is also committed to using our website in a fair manner that does not cause us any harm, and the client’s use of our site for the sole purpose of obtaining his or her various services.
  7. The client is obligated to pay appropriate compensation to the management of JBR Professional Consulting website if he causes any direct or indirect damage to our website or facility.
  8. The administration of the site has the right to disable or suspend its services at any time. They may also update or develop the website as

needed. These actions will be taken when the site management deems it necessary.

  1. The client can request one of our services by communicating with us via our e-mail, which is info@aljabrcpa.com.
  2. For a client to receive a consultation, he must fully comply with the day and time specified for the consultation.

Steps to request services from the website of JBR professional consulting company: –

  • The client enters his contact information in case of a consultation request or a request to communicate with us on our website and enters all the required data from him so that we can communicate with him and help him receive the service appropriately.
  • The client can book a consultation appointment through our website, with his commitment to the exact date of this consultation.
  • The client will be provided with the cost of the required service and is obliged to pay for the service on our bank account, which is SA5580000611608010658475 (Rajhi Bank) then the execution of the service required by the Client is started according to the time specified by our company to carry out the service.

Inquiries: –

The management of JBR Professional Consulting website welcomes all customer inquiries and we are happy to answer those inquiries as soon as possible, however, this does not represent any obligation on JBR to answer inquiries.


Amendments and notices: –

The site administration is constantly developing the terms and conditions of the agreement. Hence, the site administration implements all amendments, additions, improvements, changes, or updates to this Agreement at any time the site administration deems it necessary to implement this, so our site Administration advises all customers to review the agreement constantly.


Procedures to be followed in the event of any interruption in the service on the JBR website: –

The site administration is working hard to ensure that it works permanently without any interruptions in service, however, it is not possible to guarantee that the site will work permanently without failures leading to service interruptions, due to its presence on the internet with the possibility of our site being exposed to many threats or problems that lead to temporary service interruptions on our site, Therefore, in the event of any interruption of service on our site and resulting in damage to any client, JBR disclaims responsibility for this.

Disclaimer of liability:

  • The website administration disclaims its responsibility if the client violates any law or regulation while using our website, resulting in the client being asked to pay compensation or other things. In this case, the client is solely responsible for this and there is no responsibility on our website or our company as a result of this violation.
  • We fully disclaim our responsibility in the event that the client provides us with false data, and this results in damage to this client, the client alone shall be responsible for this error and its consequences.
  • If the client makes a bank transfer to another account other than ours, we will clear our full responsibility: SA 5580000611608010658475, and the client will bear this error on his own.
  • We clear our full responsibility in case the client is late for free consultation.
  • We disclaim our liability if the Client uses or misuses our website and its use or misuse results in any direct or indirect harm to the Client.
  • The client is committed not to use our site for any illegal purposes or any prohibited matters and to remove our responsibility if the client uses our site for any illegal purposes or any prohibited matters causing serious harm to the client while retaining our right to claim compensation for the damage caused to us.
  • We disclaim our responsibility in the event of any direct or indirect losses or damages to the customer when dealing with our website.

Intellectual rights and copyrights of the website of JBR : –

  1. We own a distinctive trademark that expresses our services, and our trademark may not be used in any way except after obtaining written, stamped, and signed approval from our company’s management.
  2. All types of content on our site is fully owned by the site administration, so it is completely prohibited to copy, paste or violate any of our intellectual rights, violation of which makes us the right to take all legal measures for it.