HE Mr. Tawfiq Omar Safi

Senior Consultant

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and has extensive experience in the field of accounting, auditing and consultancy services for more than 45 years, through his work for commercial companies and local and international professional offices, including the office of His Excellency Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Rashed, Abdulmajeed Ahmed Mohandes Office, Al-Bassam and Partners Company, and Deloitte Hiscanels. Shaer and Partners, and Al Jabr Professional Consultancy Company.

Mr. Tawfiq managed several projects in the transformation, including: managing the team concerned with preparing the opening balances for the Saudi Telecom Company, the team concerned with inventorying and evaluating fixed and movable assets and preparing opening balances for the Saudi Post, and the team concerned with inventorying and evaluating fixed assets for King Hospital Faisal Al-Takhassusi, and preparing the opening balances for Al-Rajhi Bank upon transferring the banking sector of Al-Rajhi Exchange and Building Materials Company to Al-Rajhi Bank.

Mr. Tawfiq contributed to auditing the accounts of educational institutions, including: King Saud University, the Institute of Public Administration, and the Technical Education and Vocational Training Corporation. During that period, he also acquired extensive experience in auditing the accounts of industrial, agricultural, real estate, contracting, electricity, energy, and communications companies, banks, investment, finance, journalism, publishing, aviation, gas, mineral exploration, non-profit organizations and charities, governmental institutions, Arab and international institutions and organizations, and supervising the evaluation carried out by specialized and joint stock companies, examining financial issues in which there is a dispute, contributing to the liquidation of companies, organizing the underwriting process for joint stock companies, preparing an economic feasibility study, preparing specialized guides, and contributing to the preparation of professional standards.

He also contributed to many companies’ evaluation processes when they were transformed from one legal form to another, such as Al-Rajhi Exchange and Trade Company when it was transformed into a bank, Al-Mawashi Company, Panda United Company, Al-Madina Printing and Publishing Company, Saudi Telecom Company.

He has participated in the preparation of training courses for certified public accountants and SOCPA exam applicants prepared by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants and employees of the companies in which he worked and contributed to their training.