Our Services


Accounting reports of judicial authorities and bankruptcy procedures

JBR Company provides its services in accordance with a professional performance that is consistent with the approved regulations and professional standards issued by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) and other related systems, through a team consisting of experienced professionals, accountants, and administrators, with various experiences related to the field of receivership, liquidations, and experience in preparing reports of financial disputes. They are driven by a keenness to provide the highest levels of service and constructive solutions to our clients. This business is supervised and led by a group of partners and managers who follow up on the work themselves to ensure that the work progresses in line with development and growth and to continue raising the level of quality. Our partners also enjoy statutory licenses that support them to carry out bankruptcy procedures of all kinds.

JBR Company also has accumulated experience in preparing reports of financial disputes prepared for the judiciary, and a work team for any task is carefully selected consisting of managers, consultants and assistants who have sufficient knowledge, experience, and practical and scientific qualifications, and are directly supervised by a specialized and qualified project manager.

The services are as follows:

  1. Protective settlement.
  2. Liquidation
  3. Financial reorganization.
  4. Study financial disputes and issue reports prepared for the judiciary.
  5. Provide the judicial authorities with information and supporting evidence in order to deal with commercial or other judicial matters.