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Transformation projects to the accrual basis of accounting

JBR Professional Consultancy Company implemented transformation projects into the accrual basis of accounting for more than 25 government entities. The outputs of the transformation projects included the following:

  • Financial statements in accordance with the Public Sector International Accounting Standards.
  • Gap analysis report
  • Developed accounting policies and procedures manual.
  • Financial statements form, including notes to the financial statements.
  • A memorandum determining the nature of the relationship with the controlled entities or associates.
  • A report evaluating the proposed policies, procedures, and recommendations.
  • Transformation plan to accrual basis
  • Inventory, stocktaking, and evaluation reports for the scope of work items,
  • Opening balances reports and statements of financial position
  • Reports on the work of bookkeeping.
  • Separate annual financial statements.
  • Monthly report on project progress.