About company

specializes in auditing accounts for government and private entities, preparing accounting reports for judicial authorities, bankruptcy procedures, Zakat and tax services, economic feasibility studies, and other related works.

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JBR Professional Consultancy Company seeks in all its services and consultancy to its clients to consolidate its main principles in the spirit of work, which are represented in:

J: Quality in performance

B: Brilliant in the procedure

R: Excellence in the service


  • Integrity and honesty
  • Quality and efficiency
  • Responsibility and commitment
  • Credibility and clarity
  • Work in a team spirit



Provide quality services and consultancy in the accounting, financial, and legal fields, and Law , and achieve a distinguished professional experience for our clients.



  • Provide professional services and specialized professional consultancy to government and private entities that are characterized by high quality; in the accounting, financial, and legal fields, and Law .
  • Support the Kingdom’s efforts in national projects to achieve its ambitious objectives in accordance with Vision 2030 through the services and consultancy provided.
  • Contribute to building a cohesive and robust national economy through services and consultancy provided to government and private entities.


Our Services

The qualitative competence and extensive experience of JBR Company allow its clients to benefit from the services and consultancy provided to support their plans that mainly aim to achieve sustainability by developing a real understanding of their business and the issues and challenges faced by clients. In this regard, our consultancy teams use knowledge and experience to help them to achieve their objectives.

JBR Professional Consultancy Company provides many qualitative and specialized services and consultancy, which aim to improve the business of our clients, and among the most prominent of our services:

The Company offers many professional services

Accounting and financial consultancy for non-securities

With high efficiency and professionalism based on extensive experience and high professionalism

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Advocate and legal consultancy

Our legal services extend to include

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Technical consultancy

JBR Company is a member of the Oracle Partner Network, and through this membership

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Internal audit services

JBR Company believes in the importance of internal auditing as one of the most important tools for the development and advancement of government and private systems.

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Zakat and tax services

JBR Company has a group of consultants with appropriate competencies, skills and experience in providing Zakat and tax services

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Transformation projects to the accrual basis of accounting

JBR Professional Consultancy Company implemented transformation projects into the accrual basis of accounting for more than 25 government entities.

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External audit services

JBR Company provides external audit services based on international auditing standards and professional codes of conduct and ethics adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Accounting reports of judicial authorities and bankruptcy procedures

JBR Company provides its services in accordance with a professional performance that is consistent with the approved regulations and professional standards

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Develop policies and procedures manuals and build and develop regulations

The work of developing policies and procedures manuals and building and developing regulations includes several topics,

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Algebr in numbers

100 +

Success Partners

20 +

Transformation Projects to the Accrual Basis of Accounting

60 +

Professional Cadres

Elements that distinguish us

A National Company
Works in line with the Kingdom’s ambitious vision 2030
Has qualitative experience with the most important government and private sectors.
Has a team with high efficiency and distinguished professional experience.
Has a proven track record of successful business and accomplishments.
A department specialized in quality and commitment to ensure customer satisfaction.
Project Management Office (PMO).
Technical partnerships with Oracle

Our customers